“Since its beginning, music has always been a part of Philmont Scout Ranch experience
from the
‘Philmont Hymn’ written in 1947, by John B. Westfall ...to the bawdy ballads.

“There have been songs sung around campfires and on the trail by the Philmont Staff, impromptu
Jam Sessions at the Silver Sage Staff Activities Center and in the rows of the regular Staff and in the
Ranger Tent Cities, and at nearby Coffee houses and Beer halls, when they get a well deserved day-off.”

There have always been many musically talented Staff members who perform nightly at campfires.
PhilStaffers have written original songs about the Philmont experience, others have adapted songs to fit.
Often standard music has become popular as a “Philmont Song”.
Musical styles run from: Ballads, Cowboy Western, Country, Bluegrass, Folk, Traditional, Blues, and Rock.
All of the song lyrics on this site are: “As-sung” on the CD’s.
CD’s are sold by Philmont, at the
Tooth of Time Traders and the Philmont Staff Association.
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So... Why doesn't Philmont PRINT it's OWN SONGBOOKS ?!?
To much trouble with COPYRIGHT LAWS!
I was told by the TOTT Manager that it would cost $40 per songbook  just for the copyrights!
(Especially from non-original Philmont songs - therefore they would have to leave those out)
-- No money changes hands from this website --
-- No problems! --
PhilSongs Songbook
These pages are dedicated to the
Philmont Staff members who have Written,
Sung, Played and Recorded these songs
for our continued enjoyment of the Philmont experience,
...and to the generosity of Waite Phillips
who made it all possible.
HOmE - As PhilPholks would write: - "Heaven On Earth"

IWGBTP! - I Wanna Go Back To Philmont!
Celebrating Philmont in Song and Legend, Greater Yosemite Council
- Celebrating Philmont in Song and Legend -
Greater Yosemite Council - for the 728 O
1&2, 2006 Trek
Philmont Arrowhead
Philmont Arrowhead
Philmont Cattle Brand
Philmont Horse Brand
Philmont Cattle Brand
Philmont Horse Brand
Yes, there is such an animal as a
They live Down-Under,
in Australia
All down-loadable and 'PRINTER READY' PhilSongs song lyrics
are found on the
'Lyrics Download' page.
Other Scouting related songs are on the Scouting Fun page.
"The hardest thing about going home from Philmont, is leaving HOmE"
                                                                                                               -- David Lagesse
"No one ever really leaves Philmont. Your soul becomes one with the trail,
and deep in your heart a piece of Philmont remains forever." -- Earl Owens
Download seven FREE albums of Philmont Back Country music: from the "Back Country" Page
The Rich Family Band  “The Show”, “The AfterShow” and “Zero Crew Day”
Live From Metcalf Station! by Six-Tone Storm Chime
The Things They Requested, 100 Year Echoes & The McKinneys' Cabin Jam
You will also find there: (Viewing Page Links)
Listen to: The Philmont Hymn from the 'Live From the Tooth - Philsongs II' CD
The songs listed in the "PhilSongs" book contain ALL the lyrics from the first three CD’s produced for the
Philmont Scout Ranch.
They are: (Viewing Page Links)
* Philsongs - Remembered Days * Ridin' Down the Canyon *
The Tobasco Donkeys - Sawin' on the Strings *
IWGBTP!          87714          IWGBTP!          87714          IWGBTP!          87714          IWGBTP!          87714          IWGBTP!          87714          IWGBTP!
The above partial quote was taken from the CD cover liner notes originally written by Laura Foster Voss, and then edited by me for this page.
See: 'Liner Notes' near bottom of
Philsongs - Remembered Days page, for original quote.
The Songbooks are written in MS Word.docx
some "With Graphics" or "Without Graphics".
All of the songbooks also come in a PDF version.

You will find the songbooks a
"slight improvement"
from the older Philmont Songbooks.
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What is Philmont?
Philmont Scout Ranch is the pinnacle of Boy Scouting’s High Adventure Program experiences. It is situated in
the heart of the Sangre de Cristo Mountain range of northeastern New Mexico, near the town of Cimarron.
Philmont’s terrain is mostly mountainous, with an elevation ranging from 6,500 at Base Camp to 12,441 feet on
Mount Baldy. Philmont has more than 23,000 participants in the Backcountry hiking/camping programs each

A little background:
“Philturn Rocky Mountain Scout Camp” which existed for three summers, 1939-1941. It was named after
Phillips 'Good Turn'. The headquarters of operations was at ‘Five-Points Base Camp’ that was later renamed
as Ponil. Mr. Phillips second donation in 1941 included an additional 91,000 more acres of land and the
“Philtower” office building in Tulsa, Oklahoma to support the work of the Ranch. The “Villa Philmonte” was
part of this second donation and had been the summer home for Waite Phillips and his family from its
construction in 1926 until it was donated to the Boy Scouts in 1941.
The villa is built in a Mediterranean style like that of their much larger home “Villa Philbrook” in Tulsa.
The Villa Philmonte was used early-on as a part of the Philmont Training Center and tours have been given
daily in the summer for decades. Most summers over 15,000 visitors take advantage of this tour. The Villa
underwent a $1.45 million restoration in the years 2000-2005. The goal was to restore the villa to the way it
was, back in 1941, when the villa was donated. The only thing not original on the interior is the rugs which
have been replicated to match the originals. To the rear of the villa is the Waite Phillips Photo Gallery which
shows many pictures and memorabilia of the Phillips family as well as photos of the recent restoration work.
Be sure to schedule a Villa Tour whenever you visit Philmont — it is as beautiful as ever!
On the grounds of the Villa Philmonte at the Training Center, there are Adult Leader Training conferences
for Scouters and their families each summer. Daily ‘Age, Gender, and Ability Appropriate’ activities are
planned for spouses and children of all the Training Center participants. Total annual attendance at the
Training Center is in the 5,000-6,000 range. During the fall, winter and spring, the Training Center is used for
short-term conferences or both Scout and non-scout groups, as well as Council, Regional, and Area meetings.

You could call Philmont a “Summer Camp” a BIG summer camp, but is unlike any other ‘summer camp’
anywhere else. It’s the largest Youth Camp in the world! It is over 214 square miles of rugged mountain
wilderness in the Sangre de Cristo range of the Rockies. It is entirely owned by the BSA, with more than
23,000 participants over an 11 week summer period. Of these, there were over 3,500 were Adult Volunteer
Leaders. It is the BSA’s epicenter for High Adventure backpacking and Backcountry activities for youth over
14 years of age and their adult Advisors.
Trek Crews normally consist of seven to twelve participants. There are thirty-four Staffed Camps and more
than fifty unstaffed Trail Camps that are operated at the ranch. Last year, there were over 1.5 million itinerary
hiking miles performed by the Camper Crews, and over 66 thousand hours of conservation work performed on
the ranch. But you know what? Because Philmont is so BIG, the Backcountry is not crowded, you seldom see
other Crews on the trail.
We also have access to 85 thousand acres of our neighbor’s own property. “The Philmont” ranch is well
respected among the other cattle ranches and the towns-folk in Cimarron and the neighboring communities.
The High Adventure activities available at the Staffed Camps range from: Western Lore and Horseback Riding,
Black-powder Rifle, 12 Gauge Shotgun, and 30.06 Rifle Shooting & Reloading, 3-D Archery, Rock Climbing
and Rappelling, Challenge Events, Pole Climbing, Trail Building, Mountain Biking, and other activities.
Interpretive camps include – Homesteading, Mountain Man Rendezvous, Post-Civil War Settlers, Rocky
Mountain Fur Company, Continental Tie & Lumber Company and Gold Mining & Panning.
You can learn about Wilderness First Aid, Astronomy, Folk Weather Forecasting, Land Navigation & GPS,
Leave No Trace, Search and Rescue, Jicarilla Apache Life, Blacksmithing, and Archeology.
Other fun and interesting things you can do - Mountain Biking, Rock Climbing, Burro Packing, and Burro
Racing, Challenge Events, Fishing and learning Fly Tying, Historical Lodge Tours, you can Ride a Western
Saddle Horse and you can attend Campfires put on by the Staff – fantastic campfires, as you’ve never seen
before in Scouting!
You can climb mountains! Baldy Mountain 12,441 ft., Mt. Phillips 11,711 ft., Trail Peak 10,242 ft. and the
Tooth of Time 9,003 ft.
Want to see wild animals? There are an estimated 1,500-2,000 deer; over 400 elk; 60 antelope; 100-150 bears
and wild turkeys on Philmont as well as numerous other animal species. Many times you can see deer
wandering about in Base Camp, right in front of The Tooth of Time Traders, during the day! You can
sometimes get as close as 10 feet from a doe and fairly close to her fawn, but the bucks are more skittish.
Like wildflowers? There are 320 species of wildflowers to see around the ranch.
After doing many of these Backcountry experiences, you can quaff root beer at the Cantinas, eat a Mexican
Homestead Dinner, have a Chuck Wagon Breakfast & Dinner, or have a Dutch oven dessert.
Philmont is a working cattle ranch, with over 300 head of White Face Hereford cattle, 240 horses and 70
burros. There is a heard about 200 head of buffalo that is sometimes visible from the main road, between
Headquarters and Cimarron.
So, what do you need to run a real Western Cattle Ranch? REAL Cowboys and Cowgirls too, are hired for
Summer Staff! Then there is Rod Taylor a real Cowboy who is in-charge of the Cattle Department and a
fantastic Cowboy Western singer, who is on the Permanent Staff.
Philmont requires hiring more than 1200 Summer Staff. Philmont requires hiring more than 1200 Summer
Staff. There is an Adult Training Conference Center, , several Museums, and the Ernest Thompson Seton
Memorial Library ...And a large Prize Winning retail operation called The Tooth of Time Traders; it is a
Nationally recognized model for conservation and recreation ...And cattle, horse and burro ranching operations
...And farming operations ...And a Medical Infirmary that is also a teaching hospital with a pharmacy and a
negative-pressure infectious disease room ...And a food service operation serving 750,000 trail meals, 360,000
dining hall meals, 27,500 Chuck Wagon meals, and 45,000 Backcountry Staff meals. …And the support
operations for all the above, including a motor-pool. Philmont has Autumn and Winter programs too! For the
winter Kanik Experience, each person will walk, ski, or snowshoe along snow-covered trails pulling loaded
toboggans or sleds for up to 3 miles, or more on a cross-country ski trek. Oh, and during the summer...
Philmont is the 37th largest “city” in the state of New Mexico!
Answering the Question:
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"Scoutmaster Minutes, Stories"
on the 'Scouting Fun Page'
That’s just some of the reasons why we call Philmont “HOmE!” (Heaven On Earth!)
But to even begin to really understand “What is Philmont?” you must first, DO Philmont!
There is no other way!
“For those who understand, no explanation is necessary; for those who don’t, none is possible.”
Once you have done Philmont, you too will say, “IWGBTP!” -- I Wana Go Back To Philmont!
Philmont's Official web site is at:  http://www.philmontscoutranch.org

Tooth of Time Traders: (Philmont's Trading Post)     www.toothoftimetraders.com/philmont/

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