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.              Philsongs: Remembered Days - Songs written, sung and recorded by Philmont Staff Members.
.              This is a 1999 re-master CD, of the 1981 cassette tape, with some very fine, NEW music added.
.                        Sorry, 'Remembered Days' is no longer available!    --- Ask for it!
.                                                                                                              You might not get it, but if enough people ask for it...


From Mike McAdams:         E-mail: Mike@PhilmontM1.com
Philmont Collectors

Philmont Millennium 1, Second Edition
Includes items like The Patches, Neckerchiefs and Neckerchief Slides of Philmont Scout Ranch
This book is the definitive reference guide for Philmont memorabilia collectors. Reorganized and thoroughly updated,
it includes every known patch issued from 1938 through 2012 – over 1100 patch listings, 213 Neckerchief Slides and
199 Neckerchiefs. It contains nearly 1200 color images throughout the book.

         Aspen Shadows, Twilight Trails                   twilighttrail.tripod.com/index.html
         First person ghost stories from Philmont Scout Ranch. Compiled by J.J. Stevens.
         This is NOT your usual "Uracca Mesa" ghost story book. These tales are a record from those directly
         involved and affected.  Through the years they continue to have a spell-binding effect. A very good read.

Here are some stories of ghostly events and experiences from Philmont Scout Ranch in northern New Mexico.  
These tales are a record from those directly involved and affected.  Through the years they continue to have a spell-
binding effect.

.              Cowboy Western Music
.              Rod Taylor: Singing Cowboy
Singer, songwriter, and working cowboy, Rod Taylor continues to be a living advocate for the music that defined, and
continues to be created out of, the American West.  His combination of traditional cowboy ballads and the West Texas
style of music paints both the historic and modern day life in the west.

Go to:   Rifters https://www.rifters.net/rifters-cds/

         Go to the Tom Munch site.
 He wrote 'Moreno Valley' on the 'Philsongs - Remembered Days' album and is now making his living in music.
         He performs an eclectic mix of music.

Tom Munch has brought a blend of Southwest-Folk-Jazz to Southern Colorado's music scene for over 2 decades.
Tom has performed at a wide variety of venues, including concerts and festivals, restaurants and schools, civic events
and nursing homes, and even dude ranches and the Royal Gorge Bridge. His versatility also is seen in an impressive
repertoire of some 2,500 songs. Styles include jazz standards, western, folk, classic rock, R&B, children's and rare
historic songs, plus originals. Tom finds the heart of each song and performs with a love of music and respect for his
audience, whether it be in a concert setting or for his weekly work with Alzheimer's patients.

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