First go to the "Tooth of Time Traders":
Multimedia, Music & Books, then on the Music page.         Currently available at ToTT:
'The Tobasco Donkeys - The Yarn Sessions',         'The Rifters',         'Rod Taylor, A Philmont Collection',
'The D.O.T.B. - The Tennessee Boys',         'Rod Taylor, Ridin' Down the Canyon'           
( as of 10-25-2008 )

Then try:
Philmont Staff Association (PSA) HOmE page is:

Click on the link on that page that says: 'SHOP'
Select: Other PSA Merchandise
Go ahead and order some PSA Merchandise while you are there!
Be sure to:
Philsongs II: Live From The Tooth - Recorded live at the 2001 PSA Reunion campfire.
.              Featuring the "Philmont Legends":
.                        Greg "Doc" Walker, Rod Taylor, Eric Voss, Todd Conklin and Warren Smith.

.              Philsongs: Remembered Days - Songs written, sung and recorded by Philmont Staff Members.
.              This is a 1999 re-master CD, of the 1981 cassette tape, with some very fine, NEW music added.
.                        Sorry, 'Remembered Days' is no longer available!    --- Ask for it!
.                                                                                                              You might not get it, but if enough people ask for it....
.              ...and anything else that suits your fancy.

Click on the link:
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Order:   ANOTHER:
Philsongs II: Live From The Tooth for a friend!
.              You will then have a VERY GOOD friend indeed!
.              ...and anything else that fill your sails.

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Music / Books
Go ahead and order still MORE PSA Merchandise while you are there!
Order:   The Rifters with Rod Taylor - Cowboy Western music, foursome in the old style. ( Available at ToTT )

.              BOOKS
Order:   Return to the Summit of Scouting -- W.F. Cass
.              A Scouter's Midlife Journey Back to Philmont ...and a lot of great Ranch information & history.

Order:   Beyond The Hills - The Journey of Waite Phillips -- Michael Wallis
.              His Biography ...and a lot of GREAT history about the Phillips family, how he made his money,
.              his philosophy and why he believed in giving his money away, and loads of Ranch history. ( Available at ToTT )

Order:   Philmont Millennium 1, Volume 1 - Philmont Patch, Neckerchief and Slide collectors reference book.
.              By Chip S. Elliot, Mike McAdams & J.C. Williams (The Memorabilia of Philmont Scout Ranch)
.              Volume 1 will be updated in 2010. ( NOT Available at ToTT )

From Mike McAdams:
Philmont collectors
The annual Philmont update is available in PDF format on the PhilmontM1 website. It is fairly large, and I must
apologize in advance that it is incomplete. I know there are some issues out there from 2006 that were not shared
with me and therefore did not make it into the update. If you have any information on missing issues, please send
them to me at:
.                                      It is the first listing on our links page.

Order:   Philmont Millennium 1, Volume 2 - Includes items like Artwork, Axes & Knives, Badges & Name-tags,
.              Belts & Buckles, Books & Literature, Cloth items, Coins & Wooden Nickels, Equipment, etc.
.              Look for Volume 2 in 2008.                                       Or go to
.                                                --- NOT AVAILABLE - YET ! --- as of -Jan. 2011

Order:   Aspen Shadows, Twilight Trails
.               First person ghost stories from Philmont Scout Ranch. Compiled by J.J. Stevens.
.               This is NOT your usual "Uracca Mesa" ghost story book. These tales are a record from those directly
.              involved and affected.  Through the years they continue to have a spell-binding effect. A very good read.

.              More Philmont Music and Philmont Musicians
.              Rod Taylor: Singing Cowboy
Go to:
Order:   A Philmont Collection
Order:   Ridin' Down the Canyon - Not be available at this time, at

Then:    Go to the Tom Munch site.
.              He wrote 'Moreno Valley' on the 'Philsongs - Remembered Days' album and is now making his living in music.
Order:   ...Whatever floats your boat - There is an eclectic mix of music albums there.

.               Tobasco Donkeys - The Yarn Sessions
From the Tobasco Donkeys website: You can order the Yarn Sessions CD from the
"General Store" page using PayPal. Your purchase is safe with PayPal. Free shipping for domestic orders!
We will ship you your CD(s) with normal USPS which should be 3-7 business days. $16 with Free Shipping!

They are also selling other items such as their previous album, "Sawin' on the Strings"
for $13 with free shipping!

NEW!                NEW!                NEW!
On the PSA Website, Downloadable MP3's
Quote from the PSA Website:
The following MP3's are offered free of charge for your listening pleasure. Be aware that most of the tracks were
recorded under VERY primative conditions. If you have a MP3 of an UNCOPYRIGHTED song that you would like to
have listed on this page, please send it to the PSA Webmaster.

Remember that you can place more than one item (MP3's, patches, CD's, etc...) in your shopping cart before you
"check out".

ENJOY and check back often as we will be adding songs as they become available.

"We Build Trail"                "New Mexico Rain"                "Philmont Rap"
"Buckin Song"                  "Mountain Dew"                     "Northeast Texas Women"
"Super Ranger"                "Colfax County Jail"               "The New Mexican Cowboy"

.      Special! "On My Honor" by Burl Ives"

.        IWGBTP!          87714          IWGBTP!          87714          IWGBTP!          87714          IWGBTP!          87714          IWGBTP!          87714          IWGBTP!

So, after spending all the rent money and getting some very fine music and books,
go to the Lyrics Download page and print out your own songbooks, FREE!
.                Well OK, some paper and ink ...but WHAT A DEAL!
If you try the information below and the ones you are looking for are not currently there,
they may be just out of stock, check back later.
Or contact Philmont at 505 376-2281 and ask for either the:
"Tooth of Time Traders",
or the Philmont Staff Association.
You may also E-mail: or
How to buy the CD's and books etc.
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PhilSongs Songbook
The information is below is entirely FACTUAL but sometimes presented in a humorous manner.

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