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The songs lyrics on these pages are from the CD’s issued at Philmont,
and sold by the “
Tooth of Time Traders” and the Philmont Staff Association.

All the song lyrics are: “As-sung on the CD’s”.

A BIG Thank You goes out to all the help I received on this project, especially to Tom Coffee, who laid the
groundwork for this document, and to
Laura Foster Voss, who always answered my queries for lyrics help.

It should be noted that Michael Hearne
And Bill & Bonnie Hearne http://www.billandbonnie.com/ while having never been on Staff, are amazing
folk singers who are based out of Taos and who come play in the area and at the Ranch, almost every year.

Lyrics Editor/Proofreader: David Lagesse, (pineapplefish56)
Project PhilSongs 2003 - 2012

.        Please, send any lyrics corrections to me, pineapplefish56

My final comments are at the end of this document.

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Philsongs - Remembered Days           (LINK)

(1)     INTRODUCTION                                    John Hughs
(2)     MORENO VALLEY                                Tom Munch
(3)     BLACK MOUNTAIN CABIN SONG        George Michaels
(4)     BOY OF THE MOUNTAINS                   Dave Goldfein
(5)     FRENCH HENRY                                   Greg Walker
(6)     ME & MY GUITAR                                 Ricky W. Maxey
(7)     BLACK MOUNTAIN                               Mark Rom
(8)     MY MOUNTAIN LADY                           Paul C. Tweed
(9)     THE NEW MEXICAN COWBOY             Curt Rom
(10)   NEW MEXICO I’VE MISSED YOU         Ken Konopka
(11)   RUNNIN’ WITH THE WIND                    Greg (Doc) Walker
(12)   TENNESSEE RIVER                              Jack Clark
(13)   WINTER OF '29                                     Steve Lewis
(14)   PHILMONT HYMN                                John (J.B.) Westfall

.         Bonus Tracks:                               (Not on original Cassette tape)

(15)   CIMARRON WIND                                 Rod Taylor & Peter Crook
(16)   BROKEN WING                                     Peter Crook
(17)   HOME IS WHERE THE HEART IS         Chris Standard
(18)   TIMES                                                    Paul Tweed

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A Philmont Collection - Rod Taylor           (LINK)

.                                                                     Original Artist
(1)     PHILMONT HYMN                              John (J.B.) Westfall
(2)     THIS LAND IS YOUR LAND                 Woody Guthrie
(3)     PARADISE                                           John Prine
(4)     FOX ON THE RUN                               Anthony Hazzard
(5)     BALLAD OF SPIDER JOHN                Willis Alan Ramsey
(6)     NEW MEXICO RAIN                            Michael Hearne
(7)     IN THE REAL WEST                            Tish Hinojosa
(8)     GEORGETOWN                                   Gerry Spehar
(9)     SWEET BABY JAMES                         James Taylor
(10)   BLOWING IN THE WIND                     Bob Dylan
(11)   ONE OF THESE DAYS                        Neil Young
(12)   GOODNIGHT IRENE                           Huddie Ledbetter

IWGBTP!      IWGBTP!      IWGBTP!      IWGBTP!      IWGBTP!      IWGBTP!      IWGBTP!      IWGBTP!      IWGBTP!      IWGBTP!      IWGBTP!      IWGBTP!

The Tobasco Donkeys
Sawin' On The Strings           (LINK)

.                                                                       Original Artist
(1)     SAWIN' ON THE STRINGS                    Jimmy Martin
(2)     FIRE ON THE MOUNTAIN                     Marshall Tucker Band
(3)     SHADY GROVE                                     (Traditional)
(4)     PARADISE                                             John Prine
(5)     FOGGY MOUNTAIN BREAKDOWN        ** Musical Only **
(6)     FRIEND OF THE DEVIL                         Robert Hunter
(7)     LEWIS AND CLARK                                 ** Musical Only **
(8)     COAL TATTOO                                      Billy Edd Wheeler                                     
Original CD Cover
(9)     NIGHT RIDER'S LAMENT                      Mike Burton
(10)   COLFAX COUNTY JAIL                        Front Range
(11)   UGLY GIRL                                           Flatwoods String Band
(12)   GEORGETOWN                                    Gary Spehar
(13)   CATFISH JOHN                                     Bob McDill, Alan Reynolds
(14)   REASON TO BELIEVE                           Bruce Springsteen
(15)   SWEET PEA                                           Peter Bingen
(16)   THE WEIGHT                                         The Band
(17)   THEME TIME                                           ** Musical Only **
(18)   THE BALLAD OF BILLY THE KID          Bob Dylan                                                   
Latest CD Cover
(19)   I DON'T MIND                                        Peter Bingen
(20)   ASHOKAN FAREWELL                            ** Musical Only **

IWGBTP!      IWGBTP!      IWGBTP!      IWGBTP!      IWGBTP!      IWGBTP!      IWGBTP!      IWGBTP!      IWGBTP!      IWGBTP!      IWGBTP!      IWGBTP!

Rod Taylor - Ridin' Down the Canyon           (LINK)

.                -- Side One --                                There is now a CD version
(1)        THE REAL WEST                                Tish Hinojosa
(2)        ME and MY UNCLE                           John Phillips
(3)        THE OLD DOUBLE DIAMOND           Gary McMahon
(4)        SWEET WYOMING HOME                 Bill Stains
(5)        WHAT REALLY MATTERS                  Rod Taylor
.                -- (Cassette-Side Two) --
(6)        OLE WILL                                            John Abbott /  Rod Taylor
(7)        MILK COW BLUES                             Kokomo Arnold                                   
Cassette cover             CD cover
(8)        NIGHT RIDERS LAMENT                    Mike Burton
(9)        BORDER AFFAIR                               Badger Clark
(10)      RIDIN’ DOWN the CANYON              Gene Autry / Smiley Burnett

IWGBTP!      IWGBTP!      IWGBTP!      IWGBTP!      IWGBTP!      IWGBTP!      IWGBTP!      IWGBTP!      IWGBTP!      IWGBTP!      IWGBTP!      IWGBTP!


.                                                                                                    Writers or Performers
(1)        INTRODUCTION                                    Todd Conklin, et al
(2)        MOMMA DON’T 'LOW (Allow)              Gene Autry and Smiley Burnett
(3)        WEST TEXAS COWBOY                        John Phillips
(4)        APPLES AND BANANAS                        Frank Scott
(5)        COLFAX COUNTY DREAM                   Stephen Lewis and Richard Broyles
(6)        GOT MY MOJO WORKING                   Preston Foster
(7)        WINTER OF '29                                      Stephen Lewis
(8)        MILK COW BLUES                                Kokomo Arnold
(9)        10/27/79
(Runnin’ With The Wind)              Greg (Doc) Walker
(10)      REASON TO BELIEVE                           Tim Hardin
(11)      EDGE OF TEXAS                                   Rod Taylor and Peter Crook
(12)      GEORGETOWN                                     Gerry Spehar
(13)      PARADISE                                              John Prine
(14)      SMOKESTACK LIGHTNING                   Chester Burnett        Incorrect Title and Author on CD
(14)      MYSTERY TRAIN                                   Herman Parker & Sam Phillips
(15)      NIGHT RIDER’S LAMENT                      Michael Burton
(16)      TAKE ME HOME COUNTRY ROADS    John Denver, Bill Danoff & Tiffany Nivea Danoff
(17)      THE PHILMONT HYMN                         Introduction
(18)      THE PHILMONT HYMN                         John Westfall

IWGBTP!      IWGBTP!      IWGBTP!      IWGBTP!      IWGBTP!      IWGBTP!      IWGBTP!      IWGBTP!      IWGBTP!      IWGBTP!      IWGBTP!      

Rifters           (LINK)

* (1)   THE EDGE of TEXAS                               Rod Taylor & Peter Crook
* (2)   STRANGERS                                            Steve Garry and Patrick Garry
.                   TOMORROW MAY BRING             Henry Hipkens
* (4)   TWILIGHT                                                  Robbie Robertson
* (5)   THE BALLAD of B. F. VANCE                  Don Richmond
* (6)   HUNGRY for YOU                                   Steve Garry and Patrick Garry
* (7)   BOXCARS                                                Butch Hancock
* (8)   CRANES                                                   Don Richmond and Steve Garry
* (9)   I CAN'T STAND to SEE US CRY              Steve Garry
(10)   FLIP, FLOP and FLY                 
                C. Calhoun, and W. Turner
(11)   TANGLED UP in LOVE                             Keith Urban and Vernon Rust
(12)   FLIP, FLOP and FLY                               (reprise)

IWGBTP!      IWGBTP!      IWGBTP!      IWGBTP!      IWGBTP!      IWGBTP!      IWGBTP!      IWGBTP!      IWGBTP!      IWGBTP!      IWGBTP!      IWGBTP!

The D.O.T.B. - The Tennessee Boys           (LINK)
"Dang Old Tennessee Boys"

. (1)   GusWalk Right In
. (2)   I Truly Understand
. (3)   Hesitation Blues
. (4)   Asheville Junction
. (5)   Colfax County
. (6)   Johnson Boys
. (7)   Sugar Hill
. (8)   Goin' Down South
. (9)   Keep My Skillet Good and Greasy
(10)   Nine Miles from Knoxville                  
(11)   Chicken Pie
(12)   Stealin'
(13)   Perry County Waltz                              

IWGBTP!      IWGBTP!      IWGBTP!      IWGBTP!      IWGBTP!      IWGBTP!      IWGBTP!      IWGBTP!      IWGBTP!      IWGBTP!      IWGBTP!      IWGBTP!

The Tobasco Donkeys           (LINK)
The Yarn Sessions

IWGBTP!      IWGBTP!      IWGBTP!      IWGBTP!      IWGBTP!      IWGBTP!      IWGBTP!      IWGBTP!      IWGBTP!      IWGBTP!      IWGBTP!      IWGBTP!

Rayado Ruffians

IWGBTP!      IWGBTP!      IWGBTP!      IWGBTP!      IWGBTP!      IWGBTP!      IWGBTP!      IWGBTP!      IWGBTP!      IWGBTP!      IWGBTP!      IWGBTP!

.                IWGBTP!      I Wana Go Back To PHILMONT!      IWGBTP!

IWGBTP!      IWGBTP!      IWGBTP!      IWGBTP!      IWGBTP!      IWGBTP!      IWGBTP!      IWGBTP!      IWGBTP!      IWGBTP!      IWGBTP!      IWGBTP!
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Traditional Lyrics and Music
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Traditional Lyrics and Music
Front Range
Flatt and Scruggs
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Dock Boggs
Traditional Lyrics and Music
Ryan Crider
Traditional Lyrics and Music
Gus Cannon
Ryan Crider -

Pig in a Pen
Salty Dog
The Mountain
Tooth of Time (Been Chewin’ On Me)
Sixteen Tons
Monkey and the Engineer
Ol’ Slew Foot
Gold Minin’ Man
Orange Blossom Special
Don’t Pet the Dog
Fly that Rode to Cito
Ice Cream Man
The 5th of July
Am I Born to Die?
New Mexico Rain
Poor Wayfaring Stranger
How Mountain Girls Can Love
Ballad of Wagon Wheel
The Hills that I Call Home
Great High Mountain
August Day
Bonus Tracks (On CD)
I’ve Been Everywhere (Ala Philmont)
Comin’ On Strong (at Philmont)
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                                       Music available For Free Download...
.                                        from: www.tobascodonkeys.com/
Got My Mojo Workin’
Johnny 99
Long Black Veil
Land of the Navajo
Cluck Ol’ Hen
Cats in the Cradle
Will the Circle Be Unbroken
(with Rod Taylor)
Ol' Jack Clark / Cripple Creek
- Original Artist -
Steve Earle
Peter Bingen
Merle Travis
Jesse Fuller
Jim Mills
Ervin T. Rouse
John Hadley
Rick Miller
John Brim
Peter Bingen & Mike Griffis
Michael Hearn
Ralph Stanley
Bob Dylan & Ketch Secor
Robert Curtice Amos
Ralph Stanley
G.S. Harper
Dirty Larry
Author unknown

Preston Foster
Bruce Springsteen
Marijohn Wilkin & Danny Dill
Peter Rowan
Harry & Sandra Chapin

The Tobasco Donkeys - The Yarn Sessions -- CD cover