1989 PHOTOS page
1989 Philmont Guidebook to Adventure
50th Anniversary Philmont Arrowhead
Philmont 50 Years of Adventure patch
Bear-Bag Rope STUCK at the top
Black Powder shooting
Black Powder shooting
Black Mtn. Blacksmith shop
Brian at Black Mtn. Blacksmith Shop
Brian, shooting shotgun
Brian at Sunset
Climbing near the top of Mt. Phillips
Checking-out the View, Climbing Tooth Ridge
Flowers at Sunset
Hanging out at Lovers Leap
Hanging-out at Lovers Leap
30-06 Rifle Target-Hat, on Tooth Ridge
Lady Bugs, on the Top of the 'Tooth of Time'
Philmont, Late in the Afternoon
Ranger Wendy, Teaching us the PHILMONT Way!
Light Rain at Philmont
Like a Walk in the Park, at Philmont
Like a walk in the Park, at Philmont (the Tooth of Time is in the background)
LOBO, Seton Museum
Meadow at Philmont
Philmont Mesa
Baldy Mtn. from Mt. Phillips
Baldy Mtn. from Mt. Phillips
Mt. Phillips Flag
Nick at Seton Museum
Crew photo at top of Tooth of Time
View from the Tooth of Time
View from the Tooth of Time
Crew Photo, on top of Mt. Phillips
Philmont Staffed Camp activity
Philmont Staffed Camp activity
Another Philmont Staffed Camp activity
Philmont Pack-line, with Ranger Wendy
Philmont Crew Photo, 701J - 1989
Philmont Songbook, 1989 era
Philsongs - Remembered Days, cassette cover
Picture-time on Tooth Ridge
Showing off my humongous beard, back in Philmont Base Camp
pineapplefish56 in Tent City 1989
Rappelling at Philmont.
Philmont Rock Climbing
Rock Climbing at Philmont
Doin' the
Rock Climbing at Philmont
Rock Climbing at Philmont
Waiting in the queue, for a turn on the rock
Rock Climbing at Philmont
Showin' the Flag, July 4th, 1989 at Philmont
Spreadables-n-Squeeze-Cheese, Yum!
PhilStaffer 'Coyote' giving a talk
Sunrise, at Shaefers Peak
Sunset at Philmont
Sunset at Philmont
Sunset at Philmont
Survey Marker, on Tooth of Time
The Wild & Ferocious Up-Doc
Tooth of Time
Philmont Trail Lunch
View of the Tooth of Time
Got our Boots Branded at this Staff Camp
Ranger Wendy Post, giving some advice
Philmont Wilderness Pledge
Yellow Flower at Philmont
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Flagpole on top of Mount Phillips